Scott Warren is a singer/songwriter and producer living in Evergreen, CO by way of Los Angeles, CA and Saint Charles, MO. He releases music as a solo artist and with the Americana duo Wounded Bird. From 2001-2009 he fronted the alt/indie rock band Signal Hill Transmission. The outfit released two full length albums and a handful of EP’s, the final via ATO Records.  From 2009 to current he’s released three full length solo albums, an EP with Wounded Bird and several singles. Songs from those releases have appeared in TV shows like Harry’s Law, 90210, The League, Giada at Home and in films such as The Rocker and Firehouse Dog.  As a composer, Scott co-wrote the music for Miramax Films’ opening logo and the score for “Angels Sing” (Lionsgate), a film starring Harry Connick Jr and Connie Britton. As a producer/engineer he’s recorded emerging artists MMCM, Chris Mathieu, Sarah Satya and Loretti, working (currently) out of his home studio "LET IT BLEED" in the mountains of Evergreen, CO.  To discuss a recording project or anything else for that matter, reach out to s_warren(at)mac(dot)com.  


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Scott Warren (Signal Hill Transmission) brought together the same cast as his 2012 effort Dyed In The Wool. Starting with the solid “Good Love” it’s one of the best openers this year, with melodic muscle in the chorus. “Cold Feet” is worthy follow up, with a wicked guitar solo at the break about a hot-and-cold love affair. 

“Idle Hands” recalls Matthew Sweet’s dense bed of drums and riffs, but then he slows down for “Why Won’t You Come Around?” before it builds up to a bluesy crecendo that knocks it out of the park. A few country styled songs are wedged in here, but don’t resonate as strongly as the rock. The ballad “Fall in Line” is a good palette cleanser for the Fleetwood Mac-ish “When I Get Away From You.” A slow tempo cover of Lindsey Buckingham’s “Trouble” closes things out. This is terrific album that deserves to be heard. Highly Recommended! 



The former frontman of Signal Hill Transmission is back with his second solo album after 2009's fine Quick Fix Bandage. As I mentioned in that review, Warren never likes to make the same album twice, and here he veers from Bandage's popicana to a more indie pop sound not unlike a psychedelic Shins or Jo Dee Purkeypile's The Alice Rose. "Divisible/Indivisible" opens with a spry melody buoyed by Janelle Williams' trumpet and some well-placed whistling while "When She Comes Around" sounds like Paul McCartney if he were a 21st century indie popper. Elsewhere, the pretty melody of "When in Rome" and the "la-la-la" chorus of "Sinking Feeling" (which also features the "shooby-do-wa" refrain from "Revolution 1") help these two tracks stand out from the rest. And closer "Tongue-Tied" might be the best of the lot with its halting melody and bells and whistles that make it sound like a lost track from Wilco's Summerteeth. Another winner for Warren.

-Absolute Power Pop