RELEASE DATE:  30 October 2019


"Fall in Line" is a reflective ballad on trying to make things right in one's life. It features the duo's signature harmonies along with acoustic guitar, fiddle and pedal steel accompaniment.




“Wounded Bird’s latest release “Don’t Tell Me” is an Americana and country-influenced song about the denial of heartbreak. Singer Molly Orlando and singer/guitarist Scott Warren harmonize on vocals to deliver a message that anyone can relate to. The pain in the truth of the message is concealed by the beautifully crafted and stripped down melody of Warren’s guitar for a single that’s a bittersweet touch to the soul. Listen if you like Jason Isbell.” 

-Ellie Herring, 303 Magazine




“Speed of Sound” is a tale on small town living.. Feeling left out, but finding solace in car culture. The song is a stripped back, harmony-laden affair with acoustic guitar, pedal steel and cajon providing support to the melody.



The duo at the heart of Wounded Bird, Molly Orlando and Scott Warren, met in St. Charles, Missouri, a river town close to St. Louis. Music was a common ground and it extended past youth as the pair stayed in touch while moving through life, Scott in Los Angeles, Molly in Colorado. Scott Warren left the west coast, relocating to Evergreen, Colorado, uniting with Molly Orlando once again with music and forming Wounded Bird. The duo release Fools & Clowns, Pt. 1, the debut E.P. for Wounded Bird, introducing their songs along with characters such as the dreamer making promises over a distorted melody in “I’d Grow Old with You” and Dottie as she cures the losses left by life with “Medication for My Heart.  Fools & Clowns, Pt. 1 stays true to the vintage tones of the 1969 Evie Sands hit “Any Way Way That You Want Me” and rattles a rock’n’roll boogie groove to light up the dark tale in “Working Out the Kins” as Wounded Bird wrap a sad Country mood around “Arms.”

-The Alternate Route